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Artist Piet Van

Piet Van is a Belgian multidisciplinary conceptual artist, draftsman, sculptor, inventor, and material philosopher. His artistic repertoire encompasses delicate pencil drawings, paintings, architectural compositions, small sculptures, monumental installations, and patented inventions. Born in 1955 in Diksmuide, he currently resides and works in a renovated church tucked away along the French-Belgian border in Bon-Secours.

At the age of 14, Piet embarked on his artistic journey by enrolling at the prestigious Royal Art Academy in Ghent (KASK). With unwavering dedication, he honed his skills and passion for art, ultimately graduating with distinction and earning a degree in film animation at the remarkable age of 21. In that very same year, his inaugural art exhibition debuted, catapulting him into the spotlight and garnering him multiple international accolades, solidifying his status as a fully-fledged artist.

Since then, Piet has continued to captivate audiences with a series of art exhibitions, each marked by ambitious and awe-inspiring projects. 

Artist Piet Van is truly exceptional, showcasing a unique combination of talents and a deep understanding of materials that has fueled his remarkable art projects and inventions over the past 50 years. His artistic repertoire spans a wide spectrum, encompassing exquisite pencil drawings and paintings, genetically modified cows, thought-provoking sculptures crafted from soft money, monumental statues expertly carved by his own hand, patented inventions, and much more.

What sets Piet Van apart is not only the breadth of his creations but also the remarkable evolution and profound insight evident in his body of work. Each piece reflects the artist's intricate thought process and demonstrates his unwavering commitment to diversity and innovation. Even after decades in the art world, Piet Van remains an active force, continuously engaging in new and exciting art projects that push boundaries and captivate audiences.

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