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Artist Piet Van

Piet Van is a Belgian multidisciplinary conceptual artist, draftsman, sculptor, inventor and material philosopher. His work consists of delicate pencil drawings, paintings, architecture, small sculptures and massive installations and patented inventions. He was born in 1955 in Diksmuide and currently lives and works in the historic city of Ghent.

At 14, Piet moved to study at the Royal Art Academy in Ghent (KASK). He graduated with distinction and a degree in film animation at the age of 21. In the same year, his first art exhibition took place, and he won several international awards that launched him as a full-fledged artist.

Since then, he has held various art exhibitions, with an extensive and impressive project every ten years.  

What makes artist Piet Van exceptional are his diverse talents and knowledge for materials with which he has realized impressive art projects and inventions in the past 50 years. His works range from fine pencil drawings and paintings to genetically modified cows, from soft money sculptures to Europe's most giant statues cut by one man to patented inventions and more.

His works of art show a remarkable evolution and insight into the artist's train of thought. Piet Van brings diversity like no other and is still very active with new art projects. 

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