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2021 - 2023

Bon-Secours, Belgium

Piet Van's Arthouse represents the culmination of an extraordinary project, as it breathes new life into a meticulously restored church nestled near the border of France and Belgium in Bon-Secours.

Transformed by Piet Van's latest art collection, "Put It In A Golden Bag," this exceptional endeavor offers a truly unparalleled environment and an unforgettable artistic experience. At its heart lies a magnificent 7-meter-tall narwhal, adorned with resplendent golden hues, gracefully suspended above a specially crafted marble dinner table. Within this awe-inspiring setting, a captivating fusion of paintings and sculptures, all intricately woven into the evocative theme, coalesce to create a spellbinding and mesmerizing ensemble.

This art house also serves as the artist's new workspace, where he immerses himself in the creation of daily drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Situated in this secluded location, the artist finds solace amidst the embrace of nature, allowing his latest ideas to take shape and flourish. It is here, in this tranquil setting, that the artist finds inspiration and the freedom to bring forth his most innovative creations.

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