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2018 - 2022

The creations/paintings of the Golden Birch Forest are intertwined with the project "Put it in a Golden Bag" and can be considered as an integral part of it. As is customary, artist Piet Van embarks on a new concept, allowing his creativity to flow freely. By constantly challenging himself with new techniques and ideas within his projects, he forges a unique evolution in his artworks. Despite the difficulty in recognizing his works due to his versatility as an artist and the use of diverse techniques, there is a beautiful symbiosis among all his creations over the past 50 years, telling a captivating evolution and narrative of the artist's thought process.

The golden birch forests, whether untouched or ravaged by fire, are adorned with a backdrop of 24k gold leaf, while the forest itself is painted with acrylic on the reverse side of the canvas. The underlying significance can be discovered within the thought process of the "Put it in a Golden Bag" project.

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