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2022 - 2023

In 2022, artist Piet Van embarked on a new series of 96 pencil drawings, exploring the intricate bond between animals and humans. With his exceptional drawing talent, he brings his conceptual artworks to life, delving into the depths of this profound connection.

Piet Van has dedicated a full year to the creation of this collection, with the first piece titled "My First Attempt to Save Another Earthling," focusing on endangered animals. Subsequent works are titled numerically, each capturing the creatures in unique and expressive poses. Within this collection, there is an evident evolution in his work, resulting in the emergence of subcollections such as "My Attempts at Dancing with Horses."

In 1999 (PRE GENETIC), Piet Van created a drawing depicting a man with his head in a cow's posterior. This work served as the inspiration and foundation for his genetically modified cows, showcasing the artist's evolution in his creative journey. It distinctly showcases the interconnectedness between the artist's projects and how each piece informs the next. It is a testament to the artist's consistent growth and evolution throughout his body of work. In the same way, there is a direct connection between the artwork of the man with the cow and this series.

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