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Ghent, Knokke, Belgium


From a young age, the artist developed a fascination with animals, incorporating them into his drawings. The theme of animal manipulation has become a recurrent motif throughout his artistic journey, often finding its way into his art projects.

In 1999, the concept of genetic manipulation ignited the artist's imagination, prompting him to explore this theme further. Starting with the image of a cow, he delved into the possibilities of genetic manipulation and sought to visually depict what could potentially await us in the future. Through his research at the University of Ghent, he discovered the potential for genetic engineering, realizing that it was indeed feasible to manipulate the fur of a cow.

Visiting numerous farms, the artist carefully selected the finest breeds of cows, with the condition that they possessed white fur. These cows were then meticulously prepared by a taxidermist before being transformed through the artist's brushstrokes. In this way, he created caricatures that serve as a reflection of the potential realities that could emerge through genetic manipulation.

Through his artistic exploration, Piet Van raises questions and invites contemplation about the boundaries of science, the ethical implications of genetic engineering, and the potential impact on the natural world.

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