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Ghent, Belgium

A defect of Piet Van is writing and reading. He was deslectic and stuttered at a young age, something he was ashamed of and tried to hide. Later, this gave him the idea of creating a text that you can read before actually reading it. Furniture pieces in the shape of letters such as 'Puke' where the vomit lay on the seats, 'Forest' was painted like a forest, etcetera.

The idea was to give 120 letters to a writer or poet who would write a text. The art work of letters is placed in a mezzanine or church where visitors see an impression of the work and interpret it before actually reading the text.


For Valentine's Day he had made 'Make Love' and 'Fake Love' for which a hired actor couple was making out on the seats without the visitors knowing.


The technique Piet Van invented to make his furniture, using a combination of textile fibers and coatings, would later form the basis for his art project 'Sit on millions'. 

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