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"Put it in a Golden Bag" is an artistic embodiment of a six-word motto. These words, represented by the project's objects, serve as the core focus, devoid of any additional artistic significance to Piet Van.

They serve as transient expressions of artistic and poetic self-satisfaction, encompassing the labor, study, knowledge, endeavor, experience, intelligence, disbelief, disgust, love, fear, color, light, and occasional artificial moments of climax. The project's "by-products" are not intended to guide or confine viewers to judgments but rather to entice them to embark on their own exploration of the motto itself. This lies at the heart of Piet Van's artistic reality within this work.

The inspiration behind "Put it in a Golden Bag" arises from the artist's apolitical and contemporary experiences, condensed into the phrase itself. It is an all-encompassing response to every problem, be it social or natural, resulting from human error or natural disaster, acts of terror or wildfires, instances of violence or drownings. Irrespective of political ideology (whether right, left, or center), the motto urges us to consider the question: "What is the right financial cost?" or "How much does it truly matter?"

The "Put it in a Golden Bag" project is anchored by three pivotal elements: the linen "bag," adorned with a gilded 24k gold-leaf, securely fastened with a "rope" within an artificial and nonrealistic setting. Through this symbolic depiction, it communicates how humanity shapes its own history.

Within the project's artistic realm, Piet Van encourages viewers to reflect upon the profound and multifaceted implications of the motto, inviting them to contemplate the intricate relationship between our actions, values, and the course of human history.

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