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In the words of the artist:

`Put it in a golden bag` is the artistic representation of a motto made up with six words only. These words, the objects performing in the project, are nothing more than furniture and subordinates of the watchword itself, without any other artistic value to me.

They are just the representations of a temporary artistic and poetic self-satisfaction throughout the labor, study, knowledge, endeavor, experience, intelligence, disbelief, disgust, love, fear, color, light, etcetera, with now and then an artificial orgasm.

The ‘by-products’ of the project aren’t set on the scene to lead or confine the viewer into a judgement, but instead tempt to embark the discoverer into the expression of the motto itself. This is the heart of my artistic reality throughout this work.

The inspiration is my apolitical, contemporary experience summarized into the phrase, “Put it in a Golden Bag”.

The answer to every problem, no matter if it is social or natural, if it is due to human error or natural disaster, terrorist attack or wildfire, rapes or drownings, to everything and all things will be, whatever political ideology (right, left, center), ‘Put it in a golden bag!’ or ‘What is the right financial cost?’, ‘How much does it matter?’.

The “Put it in a Golden Bag” project is tightened up with three key supplies; the linen ‘bag’, ‘gilded’ with a 24k gold-leaf, closed and hooked with a ‘rope’ in an artificial, nonrealistic scene, telling how man makes of his own Humanity a History.

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