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Ghent, Belgium

Piet Van's inaugural large-scale sculpture in the 'Put it in a Golden Bag' series takes the form of a magnificent seven-meter-long rhinoceros. This awe-inspiring artwork was proudly exhibited in the artist's former art studio in Ghent, captivating the viewer with its striking presence. Suspended above the artist's worktable, the floating rhinoceros sculpture serves as a visual delight, drawing the eye and igniting a sense of wonder.

The intricate details and masterful craftsmanship of the sculpture make it a true testament to Piet Van's artistic vision. The rhinoceros, delicately suspended in mid-air, creates an enchanting spectacle within the studio space. Its majestic form and commanding presence evoke a profound appreciation for the beauty and power of these remarkable creatures.

As viewers engage with the sculpture, they are invited to immerse themselves in the world of 'Put it in a Golden Bag,' experiencing the fusion of artistic expression and thought-provoking concepts. The floating rhinoceros sculpture stands as a testament to Piet Van's creative prowess and serves as a source of inspiration and aesthetic pleasure for all who encounter it.

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