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Ghent, Belgium

When Piet Van first set foot in the art academy in Ghent at the young age of 14, he was captivated by the awe-inspiring towers of Rabot. These towering structures sparked his imagination, leading him to conceive the idea of transforming them into art by enveloping them with a taut canvas. Viewing the towers as abstract forms, he sought to interact with the landscape by concealing them behind two green cylinders and two green cones. Over these structures, he painted what lay hidden, creating a unique artistic intervention.

In 1985, Piet Van was granted the opportunity to promote the restoration of Rabot when he was commissioned by the city and the organization 'Round Table Ghent 68' to embark on an art project centered around this iconic landmark. This commission allowed him to bring his vision to life, realizing his artwork and contributing to the preservation and celebration of Rabot.

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