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Ghent, Brussels, Miami

During the banking crisis in 2009, artist Piet Van wanted to visualize what was difficult to comprehend. For example, what does one billion euros or dollars look like? In the media, we heard about losses of billions of euros by the banks. Piet Van shows us what this means. Via his soft sculptures “Sit on millions”, which are also benches, he allows the banking crisis to inspire him. He already presented ‘The loss of Fortis Bank’ – ‘22.300.000.000.€’ in an original manner on the Kouter in Ghent. He even goes one step further – anyone can sit on 20 million, 40 million, 100 million or 250 million euros. Regenerate the loss and do something positive with it.

His previous art project around letters and seating, together with the banking crisis, was a reason to further develop his new technique for making soft sculptures. In the previous project he painted the furniture himself. For the 'Sit on millions' project he printed on his sculptures to achieve the desired result.

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