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Korenlei, Ghent, Belgium

A building on the Korenlei in Ghent inspired Piet Van to create a work on the theme of birds, with sound. He painted large canvases, visible through the large windows, with sounds audible from the outside of the building. 

The concept for his sculptures arose from the idea to make tapestries for a monastery with a beautiful large space with large windows. Here he wanted to make four carpets in different themes on the floor and on the wall. 

The first idea was a tapestry from 'The birds'. By depicting a hundred stuffed birds trying to fly away from the black pitch.The bird that would stick out the most was the swan of eight feet. Each bird or section would have a sensor containing the sound of Albert Hitchcock's movie 'The Birds'. So if someone walked by, the sound would come along. 

A person walking through the art work would not experience it that way, but for a remote spectator, the sound would, as it were, go along. A second tapestry was a fish carpet, a ton of fish scattered on real crushed ice. His search to keep real fish sustainable eventually led him to his patented invention to tan fish leather. 

Due to circumstances, the project could not continue. The pencil drawings and sculptures can be seen as study work in preparation for a possible future project.

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