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2010 - 2011

Not exhibited

Following his exploration of genetically manipulated cows, Piet Van experienced a sense of weariness towards object-making. This sentiment spurred an intriguing concept: to create a work of utmost strength with the use of minimal elements. Inspired by his critique of minimalism and its evolution, he embarked on crafting one of the most minimalist artworks to date. With only paint and a large colored sheet, he embarked on drawing a simple straight line, meticulously adding the precise shadow to imbue the object with a sense of depth. Originally starting from a single white straight line, this marked a clear evolution compared to his previous works within this series.

Driven by his pursuit of technological mastery and his critical perspective on minimalism, Piet Van initially intended to exhibit these creations. However, his deep-seated critique of minimalism ultimately led him to withhold the exhibition of a hundred works. The weight of his criticism outweighed the desire to showcase them publicly.

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