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Antwerp, Belgium

In 1989, Piet Van's profound concern for endangered animals served as inspiration for his collaboration with WWF on the project titled 'Zoo.' This thought-provoking endeavor featured a series of acrylic paintings on canvas, meticulously capturing fragments of animal skins and furs. To enhance the evocative and surreal ambiance of the exhibition, Piet ingeniously combined the visual artworks with sound. This fusion of painting and audio elements created an immersive experience for viewers.

The concept behind 'Zoo' ventured into the future, specifically the imagined zoo of the year 2100. In this vision, only echoes of animal sounds and the lifeless remains of their skins would endure. By presenting this poignant representation, Piet Van aimed to highlight the urgent need for conservation and raise awareness about the potential consequences of the current trajectory of endangered species.

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